High Republic Round-up: Storming the bestseller lists, new covers and appearing on Disney+

  • The big news of course this week was Charles Soule’s Light of the Jedi debuting at #1 in the New York Times Bestseller List and Justina Ireland’s Test of Courage debuting at #2. The entire team is over the moon! Congratulations Charles and Justina. Click here for more.
  • The entire team made their Disney+ debut on Friday. Episode Seven of Disney Insider featured a film about the Project Luminous launch event in LA last year. You can watch me, Claudia, Justina, Daniel, Charles, Micheal Siglain and Story Group’s James Waugh as we prepared for the launch, including touring Disney’s spectacular art department. And that isn’t enough, there are also Muppets and lions!
  • Daniel has been releasing loads of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures content on TikTok, including how the pages come together and character profiles.
  • New variants for issue two of Star Wars: The High Republic have been revealed including, a Carlo Pagulayan cover featuring the majority of the Starlight Jedi (plus a certain Grand Master), an Ashley M. Witter cover featuring Keeve, Terec and Ceret and a Will Sliney cover featuring Lourna Dee as seen in Charles’ number one New York Times bestseller. (Yup, still like saying it.)

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