Due to a high volume of email, I unfortunately find it impossible to write my books, comics and script and respond to every message sent via this website. However, I do try to read them all and appreciate you getting in touch.

Here are ways you can make contact:

Professional enquiries

All professional enquiries, including appearance requests, should be sent to my literary agent, Charlotte Robertson at Robertson Murray Literary Agency.

Interview / Media Requests

Requests for radio, print, podcast, internet and television interviews should be directed to my assistant, Sarah Simpson-Weiss.

Mailing address

Letters and notes can be sent to me the old fashioned way at the following address:

Cavan Scott,
Earth 35938,
PO Box 92,
CF11 1NB
United Kingdom

Social Media

I can be found on Twitter or Instagram. Again, I try to respond wherever possible, but at times, the sheer volume of messages makes it impossible. Also, please note that often I can’t answer specific questions on various projects that I am currently working on due to announcement plans.

Please know that I never respond to posts that are abusive, threatening or that include harassment targeted against myself or others. I hate that this kind of thing has to be said these days, but that’s the sad reality of the world we live in. Basically, let’s play nice and respect each other.

General Email

You can also send general emails to my assistant Sarah via the form below. She passes everything to me so while I may not be able to personally respond, I will see your message.

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