Star Wars: The High Republic #1 Reviews

The reviews are in! Check out what is being said about Star Wars: The High Republic #1

“This fun, fast-paced, self-contained tale gives us all the seeds for a beautiful new era for the Star Wars Galaxy.” DrunkWooky

Star Wars: The High Republic #1 brings light and life to this new era of Star Wars.” But Why Tho?

“A brand new era has come to Star Wars comics, with a lush and vibrant world and rich characters, this truly is the beginning of something special!” Tatooine Times

“In 20 pages, this comic pitches the story’s emotional stakes, makes itself stand out from the rest of the franchise, and provides surprising and important connections along the way.” 9/10 Comics Bookcase

“The first issue is fantastic, and it got me excited for all the other comics coming down the High Republic pipeline in the months to come. ” SYFY Wire

“A wonderful introduction. ” Fantha Tracks

“Cavan Scott’s witty writing feels like that particular brand of Star Wars charm that I really love. I cannot wait to see what is next for these Jedi.” Comics xf

Star Wars: The High Republic gets this era of storytelling a strong start and ensures that the reader will come back for more.” Future of the Force

“This book is in good hands with Cavan Scott and the amazing artistic team.” Comic Crusaders

“A strong start.” The Fandom Post

Star Wars: The High Republic #1 feels like a more vibrant and exciting version of the “galaxy far, far away” than we are used to seeing. ” Newsarama

“A very strong opening issue which has everything a Star Wars fan wants in action packed lightsaber battles, fun space adventures and an underlying evil waiting to pounce.” Caffeinated Critique

“A fresh start for the Star Wars timeline, which is so accessible for new readers or stalwart fans.” Jedi News

“Keeve Trennis is a true delight.” Mynock Manor

“A new era of the Star Wars saga launches with this engaging first issue.”

Star Wars: The High Republic #1 has made me excited for Star Wars is ways I haven’t been in quite some time.” Monkeys Fighting Robots

“”One of the most exciting and engaging parts of the Star Wars universe in a long time, and one that holds so much promise.” Trans-Scribe

Talk to your local comic store about Star Wars The High Republic or grab issue one digitally via Comixology US and UK!

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