Breaking down a page of Star Wars: The High Republic #1

From script to final letters

With the third printing of Star Wars: The High Republic issue 1 approaching its last day for pre-orders, I thought I’d give you a sneak peak at the process for one of its pages.

Everything starts with the script, which is sent back and forth between myself, Mark Paniccia and Tom Groneman at Marvel and Lucasfilm’s own editors, with me making changes along the way.

Once it’s locked, the script goes off to our artist Ario Anindito who provides thumbnails of the entire issue…

Once Ario has received notes, he moves to pencils.

As you can see, on this one, Ario decided to change the angle of our monstrous star locust the Ridadi – to really punch up the action.

Once the pencils were in, we also took another look at Keeve’s hair, which you can see when you compare the pencils to the next stage — Mark Morales’ inks!

Once everyone is happy, Annalisa Leoni adds the incredible colours to bring everything to life.

Both these stages can also have notes, but once they’re done I receive a version of the page lettered by Ariana Maher.

At this point, we tweak dialogue and effects to make sure that the text matches the art.

And there you have it, the final page!

I hope you enjoyed that little look behind the curtain. Don’t forget, final cut-off for the third printing of issue is 18th January so talk to your local comic book store today!

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