High Republic Round-up: A brand new show, Life Day adventures, creator interviews and the Nihil revealed!

  • The Star Wars High Republic Show launched on the Star Wars YouTube and official website. Episode one looked behind the scenes of the VR game, talked to Justina Ireland, Michael Siglain and Charles Soule, revealed a new animated introduction for Bell Zettifar and revealed some new art. You can watch it here:
  • Following the show the Star Wars website provided a round up of the announcements from the episode, including a new Jedi. See it all here.
  • News hit about Star Wars: Life Day Treasury, a new collection of festive tales from a galaxy far, far away by myself and George Mann, including a sneak peek of Grant Griffin’s art for Jedi Master Stellan Gios. The art is for a special story set on Coruscant in the days of the High Republic. See it in all its glory here.
  • SYFY Wire published Daniel José Older’s writer’s commentary for the first few pages of Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures which launches this coming Wednesday from IDW. Have a look!
  • Comic Watch interviewed Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures artist Harvey Talibao. He talks about characters close to his heart, working with the creative team and his love for George Lucas. Check it out here.
  • Artist Jake Bartok produced an unofficial but oh-so-good guide of the characters from Star Wars: The High Republic, perfect for when you’re reading the books. Follow the link for an annotated version.
  • And speaking of characters, the Star Wars YouTube channel presented an introduction to the villains of the piece – the Nihil!

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