Introducing the Star Wars: Life Day Treasury

It’s a Life Day Miracle

Anyone who knows me knows I love Christmas. I also love when it crosses over with my favourite corners of pop culture. Batman on patrol on Christmas Eve? Yes please. The Doctor fighting killer Christmas trees? Absolutely.

It’s no surprise that I love the idea of Life Day and so, a few years ago, pitched a treasury of Star Wars holiday stories to Mike Siglain at Lucasfilm. It seemed to make perfect sense following on from our Halloween work on Vader’s Castle and so I led with three words: “Ewoks in snow”.

Mike came back with the greatest Life Day present at all. How would I like to work with my pal George Mann who had been writing the amazing Star Wars: Myths and Fables series? Of course I would! That made it all the better. George and I had already collaborated on Titan Comics 2015 Doctor Who Holiday Special and both share an interest in festive folklore.

Besides, Life Day is best shared with others, right?

And so, the Life Day Treasury was born and, as announced on yesterday’s This Week In Star Wars, will be winging its way to you all 7th September.

Here’s the official blurb:

Cozy up with this collection of holiday-themed midwinter stories from throughout the galaxy far, far away!

From George Mann and Grant Griffin, the same team that brought us the stunning Star Wars: Myths & Fables and Star Wars: Dark Legends–with the addition of best-selling author Cavan Scott–this collection of eight myths and fables told around winter fires and high-tech heating pods across the galaxy will bring holiday joy to young and old Star Wars fans alike. From Jedi in the city to Ewoks in the forest, from Wookiees to droids, in this charming collection you will find holiday feasts, ghostly apparitions, snowy adventures, and much more. Ultimately these are stories of hope in the darkest of days. Of family, found and otherwise. Of kindness. And of love.

As the blurb says, we’ll be teaming up with illustrator Grant Griffin who has worked with George on the two previous Myths books, and was a creative force in High Republic too, painting much of our concept art. Here are the two beautiful paintings that were released yesterday…

Stellan Gios on Coruscant
The aforementioned Ewoks in snow!

For more on the 192-page book, check out Dan Brook’s interview with me and George (which also reveals how I tormented my friend by continually playing a certain stellar Christmas tune…)

Keep watching the snow-filled skies for more news soon, including the cover!

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