The High Republic #5 cover revealed on the Star Wars: The High Republic Show!

Ssssspoilers ahead

Phil Noto’s devastating cover for Star Wars: The High Republic #5 was revealed yesterday on the first ever Star Wars: The High Republic Show!

It’s time to break out those hankiesss…

Over on Twitter, the response to the cover reveal was heart-felt…

The reveal was just one of a number of exclusive announcements in the first episode of our new bi-monthly show, which is hosted by the wonderful Krystina Arielle.

The episode included a look behind the High Republic VR game, a roundtable discussion with Michael Siglain, Justina Ireland and Charles Soule, your questions answered and those sweet peeks at future content.

Watch it here:

Star Wars: The High Republic #5 is out on 5th May.
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