Announcing Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle

Darth Vader will haunt your dreams

It may be summer, but Halloween’s on the way!

Yesterday, the official Star Wars website exclusively announced my new five issue comic book mini-series for IDW Publishing, Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle.

I am so excited to be bringing you yet more spooky stories in a galaxy far, far away, starting in September and running through October. I spoke to ahead of the release:

This year is the culmination of all the stories we’ve been telling, as we return the heroes of our original series to Mustafar. Lina, Hudd, Skritt, and even CR-8R share the terrible nightmares they’ve been having. We will see Anakin, Jar Jar, and Padmé tussling with undead droids, Luke facing the spirit of the swamp on Dagobah, and Han having a huge problem with Chewbacca.

Oh, and we also throw in the biggest terror of the Star Wars galaxy: a certain green-haired, long-eared smuggler by the name of Jaxxon! All this, and the return of Darth Vader from beyond the grave!

I’m joined by artists who’ve been a part of the Vader’s Castle series since our launch in 2018, you can expect to see awesome artwork from Francesco Francavilla, Megan Levens, Robert Hack, Chris Fenoglio and, of course, my pal Derek Charm, who kicked it all off with me in Tales of Vader’s Castle.

Here’s a look at some of Francesco and Derek’s delightfully creepy covers from the new series, but be warned, Derek’s young Anakin cover is absolutely the stuff of nightmares…

Star Wars Adventures: Ghosts of Vader’s Castle issue 1 will hit stores in September 2021.

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