Shadow Service #9

All hell is about to break loose

Shadow Service #9 is out today. Gina finds herself at the mercy of Lady Yastrik with terrifying consequences…..

Th script is by me, art is by Corin Howell, colours are by Triona Farrell and letters are by Andworld Design.

Here’s what’s in store in this issue:

The truth below! With Gina at her mercy, Lady Yastrik comes face-to-face with a terror she never imagined existed. An MI666 agent has been pushed too far and all hell is about to be let loose. Quite literally!

Just take a look at the preview pages, where we go full Hammer Horror gothic!

Cover A: Corin Howell

Cover B: Rebekah Issacs

Published by Vault, Shadow Service #9 is available from your local comic book store or digitally from Comixology US and UK

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