Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm

The Republic Fair welcomes you to Valo... but are you ready?

Thirty years ago I picked up a beauty of a book. I’d already had my mind blown that there was a new Star Wars comic on the shelf on my local comic store (Dark Empire screaming out at me the moment I walked into Forever People on Park Street in Bristol) and now here was a brand new novel set in a galaxy far, far away. I devoured it in nearly one sitting and was sold on this new era of Star Wars storytelling from the off. 

Fast-forward three decades and we’re here on publication day of my first adult Star Wars novel, The Rising Storm which kicks of the second wave of High Republic storytelling.

I can’t explain how much this means to me. My biggest hope is that people feel the same reading this as I did reading Timothy Zhan’s wonderful Heir to the Empire. Even seeing them sitting together is a dream come true.

Thank you to everyone who has already ordered the novel. It was great to see tweets from folk who managed to find early copies at the weekend.  This was one of my favourite shots by Patience Randle on Twitter.

Here’s the book’s blurb if you haven’t already seen it:

The heroes of the High Republic era return to face a shattered peace and a fearsome foe, following the dramatic events of Light of the Jedi.

In the wake of the Great Hyperspace Disaster and the heroism of the Jedi, the Republic continues to grow, bringing more worlds together under a single unified banner. Under the leadership of Chancellor Lina Soh, the spirit of unity extends throughout the galaxy, with the Jedi and the newly established Starlight Beacon station at the vanguard.

In celebration, the chancellor plans The Republic Fair, a showcase of the possibilities and the peace of the expanding Republic-a peace the Jedi hope to foster. Stellan Gios, Bell Zettifar, Elzar Mann, and others join the event as ambassadors of harmony. But as the eyes of the galaxy turn toward the Fair, so too does the fury of the Nihil. Their leader, Marchion Ro, is intent on destroying this unity. His storm descends on the pageantry and celebration, sowing chaos and exacting revenge.

As the Jedi struggle to curb the carnage of the rampaging Nihil, they come face-to-face with the true fear their enemy plans to unleash across the galaxy-the kind of fear from which even the Force cannot shield them.

We love how much enthusiasm there has been for The High Republic so far. Last night over 800 people joined us in a special virtual book launch hosted by Barnes and Noble, with my fellow High Republic creator Charles Soule proving to be a masterful moderator. I love this grab that fan Richey Rasputin posted on Twitter after the event.

If you missed it, don’t worry, the event will be posted on YouTube soon!

As for The Rising Storm, well, if you haven’t got a copy yet don’t forget you can order special editions from Out of Print, Barnes & Noble and Target if you’re in the States and Goldsboro Books if you’re in the UK (I’ll be heading up to London to sign those next week!) 

Enjoy the Republic Fair and don’t forget to pick up Daniel’s Race to Crashpoint Tower as well. While you’re at it, you can also preorder Justina’s Out of the Shadows, which is out next month. Thank you all so much and may the Force be with you! 


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  1. you are individually and as part of the high republic collective leaving such a beautiful mark on star wars we love you cavan

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