Writing Rogue Trooper for a 2000AD all-ages special

The Diamond Previews for May have been released, revealing information about a very special edition of 2000AD.

Prog 2130 is described as a ‘bumper all-ages takeover’, a 48-page special containing ‘an area of complete stories suitable for all ages.’

I’m pleased to say that I’ve written Secrets of the Keep, a Rogue Trooper story with the awesome Nick Roche on art.

My first script for 2000AD!

Needless to say, I’m a bit excited (especially having written about the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic in my Comics DNA blog post the other day). Of course, I’ve written Judge Dredd in both audio and prose, most recently in the Alternative Facts novella, but have never written for the Prog itself. A real bucket-list moment.

Nick sent through his inks for the story last night and they were, as expecting, amazing. I hope that fans will definitely recognise the Rogue we present in Secrets of the Keep. While, yes, the story itself can be enjoyed by readers of all-ages, we’ve worked hard to make sure it still feels like 2000AD through and through.

Here’s the full solicit for the issue:

It’s a titanic face-off in Cadet Dredd vs Grudzilla by Chris Weston; Rogue Trooper is imprisoned by the Norts in ‘Secrets of the Keep’ by Cavan Scott and Nick Roche; Psi-Judge Anderson enters a dangerous videogame in ‘Spellcraft’ by Alec Worley and Babs Tarr; meet the teenage intergalactic bounty hunter and her family in Full Tilt Boogie by Alex De Campi and Eduardo Ocana; schooldays turn anarchic in the Future Shock ‘That Weird Kid’ by Karl Stock and Brett Parson; and Leah Moore and John Reppion bring a chilling tale of the supernatural.

Prog 2130 hits stores on 8th May, priced at £4.99. Check out the rest of May’s zarjaz 2000AD news.

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