Win a copy of The Art of Star Wars: The High Republic by Kristin Baver

Want to be in with a chance of winning a copy of Kristin Baver’s incredible The Art of Star Wars: The High Republic? Well, you’re in luck. Anyone who subscribes to my newsletter will be entered into a competition to win a copy that I’ll not only sign, but customise with my very own original High Republic art*!

The competition is open to any current or new subscribers, as long as you’re subscribed when I pull the winner from Marchion Ro’s spiked helmet at 5pm GMT on Tuesday 31st January 2023!

If you haven’t already subscribed you can join the list here!

Good luck! Here are the terms and conditions for those who want to see the small print!

*I’m using the term ‘art’ in the loosest possible way!


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