Meet High Republic holonovelist Cava Tosc

Well, this is super cool.

Tatooine Times have created a celebrity author for their interviews section, a bestselling writer in a galaxy far, far away who specialises in stories about the High Republic. His name? Cava Tosc!

He even wears glasses! It’s like looking in a mirror!

Here’s what Tatooine Times said on Instagram when they posted the art by Ronnie Jensen:

Did you know that the Ithorian featured in our site’s Interviews section is a newly created character dedicated to none other than Star Wars author Cavan Scott?

Cava Tosc is a holonovelist that writes High Republic stories… He is so obsessed with the long forgotten era that even his outfits are inspired by that timeline in the galaxy.

Tatooine Times‘ founder Fabio Fiori also shared with me that the text on the datapad is the opening crawl of Star Wars: The High Republic Phase I. How’s that for an easter egg?

I need a Cava Tosc action figure now! Can someone make me one?

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