Update 25th October – Disaster is brewing, plus MCM Comic Con, fan art, horror for kids and Phantom of the Opera

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Some weeks you barely write a word, concentrating instead on future plans and new ideas. Last week definitely fell into that category.

I recently signed to a new television agent in Los Angeles and so spent most of the week pulling together the various ideas for original series that have been buzzing around my head in recent months, working up proposals for my two favourites concepts. These are now with my agent so we can prioritise which one I’m going to develop first.

George Mann and I also had our regular monthly get-together to work on the horror screenplay we’re writing together. We’ve booked ourselves a week’s retreat next month to try to get the back of the draft broken (and watch a fair few horror films as well for, ahem, research!)

Then, last weekend saw me heading to Excel in London for MCM Comic Con, my first major con since lockdowns began.

Highlights included a fun panel on the Live Stage where my friend Martyn Waites interviewed me about my work, covering everything from Shadow Service to Star Wars: The High Republic as well as my lifelong obsessions of Doctor Who, Hammer and James Bond. The panel was followed by a great signing at the Forbidden Planet booth where it was so good to be finally able to meet readers again after such a long time.

One final mention has to be made for the first Star Wars: The High Republic cosplay that I’ve seen in the real world.

Just look at this picture:

Seeing our very own Jedi in the crowd was such a thrill. You can follow this amazing Avar and Vernestra on twitter to see more of their MCM experience.


  • I was able to shout about my chum Gareth L. Powell’s Embers of War trilogy for Inside Hook’s list of science fiction and fantasy books recommendations.
  • Marvel’s solicits for January 2020 were released, including Star Wars: The High Republic #13. The battle for No-Space begins!
  • Legendary also revealed the on sale date for Pacific Rim: Blackout, the graphic novel I created with artist Nelson Dániel. You can pick it up January 25, either as a standalone book or part of the larger Ultimate Omnibus collecting all previous Pacific Rim comics, including my own series, Aftermath and Amara.
  • Concept artist David Brady posted his painting of a very specific moment from Time of Death, my Ben Kenobi story in the first From a Certain Point of View collection. Must admit, this got me in the feels…
  • And I’m just going to leave this here; an image by Phil Noto that caused a bit of a stir online when it was released at the end of last week.

    Can’t think why….


  • I was really pleased to contribute to the Rebel Legion Rebel Reads Webathon which raised money for Save the Children. I was interviewed by Jamie from Alderaan Base, our High Republic kicking off over seven hours of content including interviews with my fellow Star Wars writers Emma Mieko Candon and E.K. Johnston among others.

    Check out the video below and don’t forget to make a donation to Save the Children if you enjoy the show!
  • If you missed the Titan Comic’s NYCC Phantom of the Opera panel, it’s also now up on Forbidden Planet TV.



Writer: Cavan Scott | Artist: Rachael Stott | Letters: Johanna Nattalie | Colours: Vita Efremova & Nicola Righi

The time has come-Ty has reached the Gretalx layer and now she must do what she does best: slay the beast! But during the battle, her rusty Force powers trigger a cave in, trapping her and Drewen with the monster. As the Gretalax and Rock Weavers close in on the pair, Ty feels an unexpected presence in the Force…

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