Update 1st November – Monster Fun, Shadow Service, a new strip in 2000AD and planning ahead

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This week has been a mixture of planning and writing.

I started the week by writing a fun three page Frankie Stein script for Monster Fun, Rebellion’s revival of the classic British humour comic that returns to newsstands next April, and ended by writing eleven pages of Shadow Service #12.

My Shadow Service co-creator Corin is about to start thumbnailing issue 11 and I can’t wait to see her working on our characters again. I’ve missed working with her daily during our little break between arcs and had a great chat on Thursday when we got excited about some of the things that are coming up in arc three, which at the moment has the working title of Death to Spies. Yes, that’s definitely a Bond reference!

In between the writing blocked out four issues of a new superhero project that I’ll be starting for DC soon. Can’t reveal anything else about that other that I’m having fun writing a slightly different version of one of my favourite heroes.

Away from work, we introduced three new goldfish to the Scott household in the form of Ron (named after the great Ron Ulysses Swanson in Parks and Recreation by me and my wife), Dwight (named after the character of the same name in The US Office by my youngest daughter) and Raymond (named after Captain Holt from Brooklyn Nine-Nine). You don’t want to know how long it took us to come up with three names we could agree on. And I thought naming characters was hard!



  • Had the pleasure of chatting to Fantha Tracks’ Brian and Mark while at MCM London Comic Con last week and you can hear the interview on the latest episode of Canon Fodder. Either visit their website or listen below.



Featuring my final High Republic phase 1 story for Star Wars Insider: Past Mistakes Part 2.



LUCASFILM AT 50 – Writer: Kristin Baver looks back on Five Decades of Amazing Adventures Includes brand new and exclusive Star Wars: The High Republic Fiction Plus much more!

2000AD PROG 2256

It’s another 2000AD Regened all-age takeover this week and one that sees something new from me, my first original 2000AD strip.

Enemy Earth is a post apocalyptic story that follows a young girl as she tries to survive in the world where nature has turned against humanity, with art by Luke Horsman.

Click here for more details.

 Joko-Jargo gatecrashes the Command Module to deliver another bumper all-ages special. 

He’s pulled together a zarjaz line-up of strips — Cadet Dredd hits the accelerator in Full Throttle by Liam Johnson and Ben Willsher; nature turns nasty in Cavan Scott and Luke Horsman’s Enemy Earth; Scooter & Jinx are aliens on the run, courtesy of James Peaty and Steve Roberts; and Middenface McNulty’s pup is on the case in Strontium Dug by David Baillie and Colin MacNeil!

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