Update 8th November – Horror comics, Life Day and convention thoughts

Hello there!

It’s quite a packed week this week, so let’s get right to it.

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This week saw me writing issue 12 of Shadow Service as well as starting a new short story for an anthology due to be published next year. I also had a very exciting meeting when I was asked to pitch ideas for a new TV show that will air in a couple of years time, so will be turning my attention to that over the next month. 

Thursday saw me heading into town to meet up with writers Gareth L. Powell and J. Dianne Dotson.

Dianne was over from the States visiting her fiancé Gareth and I took the chance to take them to the Stables on Bristol docks, one of my favourite pizza places, as an overdue engagement present.

There was an unfortunately a sad note to the end of week however, as the Scott family lost our little furry friend, Popcorn the guinea pig. We’re going to miss that little fuzzball. RIP Pops!


  • I was honoured to see Shadow Service on CBR‘s list of 10 Must-Read Horror Comics That Break Genre Norms, rubbing shoulders with the likes of 30 Days of Night, Afterlife with Archie, Preacher, The Walking Dead and even the genius that is Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell’s From Hell!

    Check out the full list here.
  • Lucasfilm revealed concept art of Phil Dairo, the reporter from my novel Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm, along with commentary from me and our fantastic concept artist MinJi Yoon.

    You can read it here and also follow MinJi on twitter.


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  • I pop up in this short featurette about the recent MCM London Comic Con from Forbidden Planet TV, alongside the likes of Tom Hiddleston, Charlie Cox, Deborah Ann Woll and more. Check it out on YouTube or watch it below.



Writer: Cavan Scott | Pencils: Jose Luis | Inks: Jonas Trindade | Letters: Carlos M. Mangual | Colours: Rex Lokus | Cover: Jamal Campbell | Variant Cover: Kael Ngu | Editor: Michael McCalister

Raven, Red Hood, and Donna Troy are on the trail of coldhearted killer Lady Vic!

How long before bullets start to fly?

Meanwhile, Conner Kent has a close encounter with Tamaranean royalty.

But with his powers lost, can he survive?

And Beast Boy? All Beast Boy wants to do is enjoy his milkshake in peace!


Writer: Cavan Scott | Artist: Georges Jeanty | Letters: Carlos Lopez | Colours: VC’s Travis Lanham | Cover: Phil Noto

THE HUNT FOR LOURNA DEE CONTINUES! The NIHIL have unleashed a nameless terror against the Jedi.

MARSHAL AVAR KRISS is more determined than ever to bring LOURNA DEE to justice, but does STELLAN GIOS and the JEDI COUNCIL agree?

As KEEVE TRENNIS struggles with what she experienced on the Nihil base, the Jedi prepare for war.

PLUS, the truth about SSKEER is finally revealed – but what does it mean for his future?

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