Titans Unite for New DC Comic

Announcing my first ever DC super hero miniseries

For the last few months I’ve been teasing a superhero comic I’ve been writing and now the news is out.

Titans United is a seven issue mini-series which launches from DC on 14th September.

Here’s the solicitation:

Story by Cavan Scott Pencils by Jose Luis Inks by Jonas Trindade Cover by Jamal Campbell

$4.99 US (Card Stock) ON SALE 9/14/21 The Titans face their greatest challenge—their own powers! Nightwing, Donna Troy, Superboy, Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Red Hood kick off a thrilling new case that will lead one of their own to question not only their place on the team, but their very existence.

$3.99 US | 32 PAGES | 1 of 7 Variant cover by Kael Ngu 1:25 Variant cover by Junggeun Yoon

Fans of the HBO Titans series will recognise the line-up, especially when we add Hawk and Dove to the mix. Yes, it’s the HBO roster, but these are definitely the characters’ comic counterparts. In fact, the brief from our editor, Michael McCalister, was to take as much inspiration from the original Wolfman and Perez New Teen Titans run of the 1980s as we could.

One of my aims with this series is to give a chance for fans of the show an entry point to the comics while also giving long-time fans a fun adventure they can enjoy too. Basically the watchword of the series is fun, fun, fun. I’ve been asked if the story takes place in main comics continuity and what I’ll say is that we’re canon adjacent. Basically, our series is 100% bound by canon, but doesn’t break anything either.

I’m really enjoying working with penciller Jose Luis and inker Jonas Trindade again, both of which I’ve worked with on Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace and our Hawkman & Hawkgirl short in this year’s DC Comic’s Valentine Special.

Check out some samples of the art for issue one, coloured by the wonderful Rex Lokus.

You have no idea what it means to be writing a character with a big S on his chest!

And while you’re here, why not gaze in wonder at our amazing cover variants for issue one, art by Jamal Campbell, Junggeun Yoon and Kael Ngu respectively.

More news on this series soon, but in the meantime keep your eyes glued to my Twitter and Instagram for more Titans goodness.

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