Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm Early Reviews

The advance reviews are in! Check out what is being said about Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm, published Tuesday 29 June from Del Rey books….

“Cavan Scott’s The Rising Storm is an Intricate Masterpiece.” Your Money Geek

Star Wars storytelling at it’s finest.” The Geeky Waffle

“Most likely the best Star Wars book of the year… an absolute masterpiece.” Tatooine Times

“When Cavan Scott says he enjoys horror, BELIEVE HIM!” Kelly Knox, author

“Endearing characters, an incredible plot and a cliff-hanger that you are not ready to recover from!” Star Wars Universe

“Cavan Scott takes what was an 80 up to 110. The threat has never been so real… A winner!” Element 7

“Cavan’s sweeping prose is sublime.” Jedi -Bibliothek

“Author Cavan Scott triumphs.” Star Wars Holocron

“This story is gripping from page one! Just… wow!” The Geek’s Attic

“The best kind of Star Wars book. Emotional. Rising stakes from beginning to end. Foreshadowing the Skywalker saga. Deepening the Jedi mythology. A classic page-turner.” Dorkside of the Force

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