The High Republic in German

Following yesterday’s post on the French translations of Star Wars: The High Republic, Florian Baur of JediBibliothek (and translator for the German Offizielle Star Wars Magazin) provided me with the following information about the German translations of the first wave of books.

In Germany, Star Wars: The High Republic kicks off in March at Panini as Star Wars: Die Hohe Republik. The first titles to be released in Germany are the YA novel Into the Dark by Claudia Gray (as In die Dunkelheit) and Justina Ireland’s MG novel A Test of Courage (as Die Mutprobe). Both titles are set for March 23rd.

However, a week before – on March 18th – the first part of Charles Soule’s short story Starlight, a prequel to Light of the Jedi, releases in the Offizielles Star Wars Magazin #101 from Panini, translated by Marc Winter.

As for Light of the Jedi itself, no official release date has yet been announced by publisher Blanvalet.

Those looking for comic books should mark the month of June in their calendars. Panini Germany is looking to launch the first arc of the Marvel ongoing in their monthly comics magazine in issue #71 on June 16th. Tentatively set for the same month is the first German volume of Daniel José Older’s The High Republic Adventures.

Thanks to Florian for the information.

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