Star Wars: The High Republic French editions announced

Pocket Imaginaire have announced when the first French translations of Star Wars: The High Republic will hit in France, starting with Charles Soule’s  La Lumière des Jedi and the Claudia Gray’s En Pleines Ténèbres, publishing 25th March and 22nd April 2021 respectively.

Interestingly, for the first time the various French publishers are working together to ensure that the translations of key names match up across the range of books. Director of Pocket’s Star Wars collection, told me:

“As we began translating Light of the Jedi, we quickly realized there was some rich and totally new terminology that needed to be carefully chosen in French. So we decided to have the most important terms, like Starlight Beacon for example, translated in a team effort by Disney France and the other French editors who will publish The High Republic book and comics.”

And what is Starlight Beacon in La Haute République

Le Flambeau Stellaire.

Proof that everything sounds better in French! 

French speakers can watch Pocket’s presentation about these and other Star Wars French editions and you can read an excerpt of the French edition of Light of the Jedi online too, introducing French readers to La Grande Catastrophe!

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