Talking horror, magic and Shadow Service with Corin Howell and Doomrocket

Earlier this week, Corin Howell and I did our first joint interview, talking to Doomrocket about our brand new comic series, Shadow Service.

Interviewed by Jarrod Jones, we chat about everything from Hammer to the true nature of power (seriously!), while, of course, also chatting about our main character, Gina Meyers. Along the way you can learn more about Corin’s personal take on horror and find out what magic powers we would wield if we lived in the world of MI666.

Here’s a little taster:

One of the more interesting aspects of ‘Shadow Service’ is that the use of magic has consequences, and they can either be supernatural in aspect, tragic in scope, or both. As an example, Gina suffers insomnia from her use of magic and, we find out, something terrible happened to her when she first put her powers to use as a child. It’s clear that there are going to be consequences for the magic users in ‘Shadow Service’. How do you mete out cause and effect in this kind of story? Could there be circumstances that allow some wiggle-room when karmic punishment comes to call? 

CH: I’ve often seen magic as a form [of a] “give and receive” sort of deal. In order to summon a demon, you gotta spill some blood. I feel like the laws are very rooted in this world that there’s no way around them. Unless you can find something [in] the fine print, that is.

CS: Nothing comes for free in this world or the next. And it’s fair to say that while there may seem to be cases where people are getting away with using magic to get ahead, it’s all getting jotted down in a ledger somewhere. This is the kind of story where your past might take a while to catch up on you, but catch up on you it will.


Published by Vault, Shadow Service #1 is available from your local comic store right now, plus digitally from Comixology US & UK.

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