Shadow Service #1 Reviews

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“Like John Constantine and Punk Mambo had a baby and named her Gina…move over Bond there’s a new girl in town.” Reading With a Flight Ring

Shadow Service #1 keeps readers on their toes as much as its lead character.” 4.3 out of 5. Monkeys Fighting Robots

“Clever, funny, horrific, assured and just getting started.” The Full Lid

“Every element of the construction of this opening issue is rock solid from writing to art, lettering, and cover with a whole bunch of great hooks to make you want to know more!” Comic Watch

“Dynamic, moody, atmospheric, confrontational.” FanboyFactor

Shadow Service #1 blends elements of detective noir, monster-hunting, and witchcraft stories into one well-executed and perfectly-paced first issue, with a cliffhanger that will lock you in for the entire run of this book.” Comic Bookcase

“A dark and fascinating world…Beautiful, magical, and gory.” Wandering Nerdgirl

“A bloody belter.” The Valkyries

“Dramatic, funny, and exciting, all at the same time.” 9/10 Word of the Nerd

“Another win from Vault Comics.” Bleeding Cool

“Fans of spy fiction and urban fantasy owe it to themselves to give Shadow Service a look.” AIPT

“An absolute blast of a debut that has me craving the next chapter.” SYFY

“A ton of potential.”

“Definitely a title to follow.” The Fandom Post

Talk to your local comic store about Shadow Service or grab issue one digitally via Comixology US and UK!

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