Take a sneak peek at Star Wars: The High Republic – The Monster of Temple Peak

Meet Ty Yorrick!

Yesterday the official Star Wars website gave an exclusive first look at Star Wars: The High Republic – The Monster of Temple Peak.

The story stars monster hunter Ty Yorrick, who is first introduced in my upcoming Del Rey novel Star Wars: The High Republic – The Rising Storm and Daniel José Older’s middle grade novel Star Wars: The High Republic – Race to Crashpoint Tower.

The comic sees me once again teaming up with my former Doctor Who collaborator Rachael Stott as we explore Ty’s mysterious past. I’m so happy to be working with Rachael again, with or without a TARDIS. The art she is producing is INCREDIBLE. I mean, just look at the pages that were revealed on starwars.com

Originally written as a graphic novel, The Monster of Temple Peak will be published in North America as an epic four part mini-series by IDW Publishing, the first issue dropping August 2021.

I spoke to starwars.com about our brand new anti-hero…

Ty Yorrick is a character I’ve wanted to introduce to Star Wars for a long time and The High Republic has provided the perfect opportunity. A monster hunter and mercenary, Ty is a mystery to just about every one who meets her. She has created quite the reputation for herself and is known on many worlds only by the title ‘saber-for-hire’.

I can’t wait to reveal what happened to Ty to make her choose a different path, which, as I hinted on the website is linked to another of my Star Wars projects.

If you want to discover more about Ty Yorrick right now, here’s the latest episode of This Week! In Star Wars which included a special animated introduction to the character, including a special appearance of her two droids, which, trivia fans, were based on original designs by Solo: A Star Wars Story concept artists Matt Savage and Jake Lunt Davies. (In fact, Jake has tweeted about it here!)

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