Star Wars Adventures #32

Finally out today after a delay caused by the global pandemic, the final issue of Star Wars Adventures hits the shelves. But don’t worry, a brand new volume starts in September complete with a new number one.

This series has meant so much to me. I first got into Star Wars through the comics, so it has been so rewarding to write so many stories that hopefully have introduced new fans to a galaxy far, far away or helped deepen their love for all things Star Wars. Of course, I also love the fact that so many ‘older’ kids have enjoyed these adventures too.

Issue 32 features a brand new Finn story, The Battle for Horizon Base by Michael Moreci, Arianna Florean, Mario Del Pennino, Valentina Taddeo and Jake M. Wood, plus the conclusion of The Lost Stories by me, David M. Buisan, Charlie Kirchoff and Jake again on letters. Emil and the crew of the Star Herald are at the mercy of the Story Vampire in what I hope is a fitting end to this particular run.

(It also features a cameo from the one character I never thought I would be able to bring back before Star Wars Adventures came along!)

Check out the covers below (including David’s awesome variant featuring Emil Graf!) and buckle in for more Adventures in a couple of months.

Pick up Star Wars Adventures #32 today in your local comic store or digitally via Comixology, iBooks and more.

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