Making comics: Dead Seas cover concepts

Dead Seas #3 is out today, so remember to pick up your issue as our ghostly ship goes down!

To celebrate, I thought I’d share some behind the scene peeks at the process behind my pal Ario Anindito’s horror-tastic variant cover.

For the first few variants in the series, Ario played with the concept of reflections, our spectres appearing on mirrored surfaces. For issue 3, it was the turn of our hapless convict Henry to come face-to-face with a phantom.

As always, Ario provided three concepts. Here they are:

While we loved all three, a choice had to be made and the entire team agreed that it had to be the glasses!

A week or so later, Ario delivered the incredible final art:

I think it’s my favourite cover so far.

Here it is with the cover dressing:

Want to see the original art for ALL THREE Dead Seas #3 covers?


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