Iris Wildthyme is back!

It’s been a long time coming but series three of Iris Wildthyme, the series I produce for Big Finish alongside Mark Wright has finally been released. Available in a three CD boxset, the continuing adventures of Paul Magrs wonderful time-travelling rat-bag star Katy Manning as Iris and David Benson as her long-suffering companion, Panda.

The Iris Wildthyme Appreciation Society by some bloke called Cavan Scott reunites Katy Manning and David Benson as Iris and Panda for the first time since Christmas special The Claws of Santa. Iris is on the run, and takes refuge on the planet Trull, where she becomes the most popular celebrity on the planet… just as it’s about to be destroyed.

In Iris Rides Out by Guy Adams, Iris’s faithful red bus is pulled through a tear in the fabric of reality, depositing our heroes at Mocata Grange, where famed ghost hunter Thomas Carnacki is investigating a haunting problem. When Iris is around, anything can go bump in the dark. Marcus Hutton guest stars as Carnacki.

Brutal murders, old flames and a WI jam tasting finish off the series in Midwinter Murders by George Mann, guest starring Stewart Bevan, who appeared alongside Katy Manning in Doctor Who: The Green Death. A killer stalks the picturesque village of Midwinter Leys, and Inspector Nettles has Iris and Panda at the top of his suspect list.

Excited yet? Well, head over to Big Finish to buy series three on CD or download.

You can also join the conversation by letting me know what you think of the series by leaving a comment here or heading over to the forums at GallifreyBase or Big Finish.

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