Doctor Who Magazine issue 464 out now – with lots of me!

BSCVLJ4CIAEHYDt.jpg-largeGet yourself some bank holiday reading with issue 464 of Doctor Who Magazine, out now blatant plug fans. Why? Well, not only is there a special mini-message from the new Doctor Peter Capaldi, there’s also a cavalcade of Cavan Scott stuff as well.

Within the issues you will find:

  • Part two of my The Way Back article. Subtitled The Two Ninth Doctors, this nine page spectacular rounds up my interviews with Russell T. Davies, Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter, while also chatting to the various folk who were producing Doctor Who novels, audios, magazines and webcasts when the announcement of the show’s return was made ten years ago. We also look at Scream of the Shalka, revealing Paul Cornell’s original back story for the animated Doctor, plus details of the cancelled sequel, which may, or may not, have starred Richard E. Grant.
  • My review of You and Who: Contact Has Been Made – Vol.1, the rather wonderful charity anthology of Doctor Who fan essays from Miwk Publishing.
  • A review of Counter-Measures series two, including Peshka by me and Mark Wright, which apparently gives the regular cast the chance to “flex their range”. According to Matt Michael, the series is “an unqualified success.” Whoop!
  • A preview of Doctor Who: Night of the Whisper, again by Mark and me, the ninth instalment of AudioGo’s Destiny of the Doctor series, out 5th September (blimey, that soon!) Dan Totstevin writes that you should by it because, “for a brief moment, the Ninth Doctor’s era is properly, authentically back.” I hope everyone else thinks so too!

That’s probably quite enough Cav Scott for one issue, thank you very much. If that doesn’t float your boat there’s also an interview with writer Neil Cross, a look back at Remembrance of the Daleks and a mysterious encounter with Colin Baker and some ice. Go on, Jac Rayner, spill the beans – what really happened?

As a note, I’ve seen a lot of folk online puzzling over the fact that the cover doesn’t declare ‘PETER CAPALDI IS THE DOCTOR’. That will come after the regeneration on Christmas Day. Remember, there’s only 122 shopping days until the 12th Doctor…



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