Cor!! Buster Easter Special 2020

The Cor!! Buster Easter Special 2020, featuring a host of classic British comic characters is out now, just in time for the holiday weekend.

Cavan is back writing Frankie Stein, the character originally drawn by the legendary Ken Reid for Wham! in 1964.

The three-page story sees artist Steve Mannion take on Reid’s monstrous mantle, with letters courtesy of Chris P. Bacon.

Here’s the official blurb from Rebellion:

A smash hit with kids, the Cor!! Buster Easter Special brings together two of Britain’s most beloved humour comics for 48 pages of belly laughs and silly japes from some of the best creators around, including Buster & Delbert by John Freeman & Lew Stringer; Kid Kong by Alec Worley & Hilary Barta; Faceache by Matt Smith & John Lucas; Gah! by Keith Richardson & Tom Paterson; Deadly Hedley by Paul Goodenough & Rositsa Vangelova; Ivor Lott & Tony Broke with Penny Less and Milly O’Naire by Ned Hartley & Mick Cassidy; Sweeny Toddler by Tom Paterson; Swines Of Anarchy by Lee Langford & Pye Parr; Daisy Jones’ Locker by Olivia Hicks, Sheli Paroline & Braden Lamb; Birdman & Chicken by Keith Richardson & Edward Whatley; Frankie Stein by Cavan Scott & Steve Mannion; Duck Turpin by Robin Etherington & David Follett; Creature Teacher by Lee Langford & Brett Parson; Grimly Feendish by Ned Hartley & Tom Paterson.

Cor!! Buster Easter Special 2020 is available now from the British Treasury Comics Shop. Click here to purchase your copy.

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