Writing Judge Anderson for the next all-ages 2000AD

Rebellion Publishing has announced the next 52-page 2000AD all-ages special.

The second 2000AD Regened takeover lands on 27th May and, as the official news story says: “acts as a gateway into both 2000AD and comics in general, with readers of all ages enjoying the heady mix of 2000AD action, humour, and fun.”

As previously revealed on the 2000AD Thrillcast, this time Cavan is writing Psi-Judge Cassandra Anderson in a story that sees him teaming up with artist Paul Davidson, colourist Len O’Grady, and letterer Simon Bolland.

Check out below for a sneak peek of the cover and Cavan’s Anderson Psi Division story: First-Class Citizen.

2000AD Prog 2183 is available digitally and in print on Wednesday 27th May 2020. Zarjaz!

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