Watch the World Book Day Imagination Channel Videos (featuring me and other brilliant children’s authors!)

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Me on the videos – sorry about the hair! It was a blustery day!

The wonderful people at World Book Day have released a series of videos featuring me and my fellow World Book Day authors.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then here they are:

How Do I Write or Illustrate My Stories? Film 1 – in which I reveal why people in cafés often think I’ve gone mad.

How Do I Write or Illustrate My Stories? Film 2 – in which we discuss how to get past writer’s block.

Top Tips on Getting Better at Writing and Drawing – Film 2 – in which I ask what would have happened if the Death Star didn’t blow up!

Where Do You Get Your Ideas? Film 1 – in which I talk about how music helps me write.

Where Do I Work? Film 3 – where we talk about the various places we write.

The Book That Made Me Love Reading? Film 1 – in which I reveal which Doctor Who novel inspired me to read more.

Make sure you check out the other brilliant Imagination Channel videos too! They’re full of fab writing advice!


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