New Comic Book Day! Penguins of Madagascar issue 1 out now!

It’s new comic book day and issue 1 of Penguins of Madagascar hits the comics stores from Titan Comics.












Issue one kicks off our four-issue story arc with Flightless, with words by me and art by Lucas Ferreyra. An army of robots threaten to take over the world – and only the elite-est of the elite can stop them!

The issue also features a number of back-up stories including The Baby Penguins of Madagascar by Stuart Atholl Gordon and Grant Perkins, The North Wind by David Baillie and Grant Perkins, and Sweet Treats by me, Egle Bartolini and Vincent Salvo. Lettering through the entire issue is by Jim Campbell!

Penguins of Madagascar #1 is available from all good comic stores and digitally from Comixology US and UK.


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