Watch the 2019 Star Wars Audiobooks: Behind-the-Scenes Panel

Thanks to Penguin Random House, you can watch Cavan on the 2019 SDCC Star Wars Audiobooks: Behind the Scenes panel.

You can either view it below or head over to YouTube

Here’s a run-down of the panel:

Learn how the Star Wars audiobooks are recorded and produced featuring Janina Gavankar (voice of Iden Versio, narrator of INFERNO SQUAD), Catherine Taber (voice of Padme, narrator of QUEEN’S SHADOW), Cavan Scott (author of Star Wars audiobook exclusive DOOKU: JEDI LOST), and Nick Martorelli (Penguin Random House Audio producer) as they discuss how they create characters, what it’s like in the recording booth, and how production builds different layers of voice narration, sound effects, and music into the final track.

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