Vikings: Uprising #4 out now

Happy New Comic Day! Today sees the conclusion of Vikings: Uprising, with Ragnar fighting for both his honour and his kingdom. Meanwhile, Lagertha hunts the rebel band of slaves that has been marauding through the countryside, leaving death and destruction in their wake.

Working on this series has been a joy. Vikings remains one of my favourite shows on TV, and I will be eternally grateful to MGM and show runner Micheal Hirst for letting me loose with such wonderful characters.

It’s also been great working with Daniel Indro on pencils, Kevin Enhart on colours, and, of course, editor Neil Edwards. The work they’ve produced has been phenomenal. Here’s the first few pages of issue 4:



And here are the covers. First up is cover A by Verity Glass…


Then we have a photo cover for cover B…


And Claudia Caranfa returns for cover C…


The issue also features a special essay by yours truly about Viking honour and shame. Find out everything you need to know about the scorn pole that Ragnar is ripping from the ground on the first page of the preview.

You can pick up Viking: Uprising #4 in all good comics stores and digitally at Comixology US and UK.

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