Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #9 – The TARDIS lands in Brazil, plus Doctormania gets collected

Ladies, gentlemen and those of a gender-neutral preference, I am pleased to preview Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #9, which hits shelves today!

This was a bit of a special one. For our last three-parter, Official Secrets, I sent the TARDIS spinning back to the Bristol of my youth. It only seemed fair that Nine, Jack, Rose and Tara – our brand new companion – headed to artist Adriana Melo’s home town of São Paulo next. I mentioned this to Adriana and we spent an hour or so chatting about the possibility in a transatlantic WhatsApp conversation. Before we knew it, we had a plan. A visit to colonial Brazil. Local legends. Indigenous tribes. Bandeirantes. A painting of Jack as a Jesuit Priest. In fact, we didn’t just have an idea, we had the beginnings of a story. I fired off a quick email to our glorious editor, Andrew James, and got the green light. Slaver’s Song was born, a truly co-operative venture.

Adriana had a ball on this; researching historic costumes, architecture, plus flagging up cultural hornet-nests and opportunities. I can’t wait for you to see the result.

Here are previews of the first three pages…

Doctor_Who_The_Ninth_Doctor_9_Preview 1

Doctor_Who_The_Ninth_Doctor_9_Preview 2

Doctor_Who_The_Ninth_Doctor_9_Preview 3

And here are the covers. First of all, we have this beauty from Cris Bolson and our regular colourist, Marco Lesko:

Doctor_Who_The_Ninth_Doctor_9_Cover A

Then, Will Brooks is on hand to give us another cracking photo cover:

Doctor_Who_The_Ninth_Doctor_9_Cover B

And we finish with this wonderful caricature of Nine by Matt Baxter:

Doctor_Who_The_Ninth_Doctor_9_Cover C

Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor #9 is available from all good comic stores, as well as digitally from Comixology US and UK.

And if that’s not enough Nine for you, Volume 2 of the collected Doctor Who: Ninth Doctor is also out today. Doctormania gathers the first five issues of the ongoing series, plus last year’s Free Comic Book Day strip, seeing the Doctor, Rose and Jack deal with World Shapers, Slitheen, killer robots, gargoyles and super-humans! It looks fantastic, too!


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