Update 22nd February – The High Republic writers’ summit, a new horror novella and upcoming convention appearances

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If you follow me on twitter and instagram you will know that I’ve spent the last week in Walt Disney World for a Star Wars: The High Republic story summit. All five story architects were there, along with Micheal Siglain and Lindsay Knight from Lucasfilm Publishing, plus Story Group’s James Waugh, Pablo Hidalgo and Matt Martin.

The main topic of conversation was Phase 3 of the initiative as we expanded on the general story trajectory we’ve had in place since 2018. There were long days breaking story, but also fun evenings as we nipped into the parks to hit the rides.

Most of all, it was just great to see these folks. While we’ve been in touch continually through zoom and google meets for the last couple of years, nothing compares to sitting down, firing story beats at each other and having a shed-load of fun!

Here’s some of my favourite pics from the trip…


Last week, PS Publishing announced my new horror novella which is being published as part of their Absinthe Books imprint, curated by the wonderful Marie O’Regan.

Anchor’s Heart tells the story of a paramedic who is struggling both with an emotional breakdown and a supernatural threat.

Here’s what they had to say on the plot in the latest PS Publishing newsletter:

Mark must convince others that the voices he’s hearing, the things he’s seeing, are not only real (and coming from the house next door) but a direct threat in a chilling tale of demons, possession and creatures set on destruction.

Best of all, the cover is the work on my buddy and High Republic co-creator, Ario Anindito. I was so pleased when Ario agreed to provide the art, the first of many projects we’re hopefully going to be working on in future!

Anchor’s Heart is due for release at Chillercon in May and I’ll post pre-ordering details as soon as I have them!


I’m really pleased to be travelling to the 23rd Generations Star Wars and SF convention in Vichy, France from 30th April to 1st May. More details can be found here.

It’s been too long since I’ve had a chance to visit France (for obvious reasons) so I’m really looking forward to this.


I’ve written a new Sherlock Holmes story for Titan Book’s upcoming Sherlock Holmes: A Detective’s Life anthology. Edited by Martin Rosenstock, the collection goes on sale 6th September. 

Here’s the blurb:

The famous detective returns in a thrilling anthology of Sherlock short stories, all penned by masters of the genre, such as Peter Swanson, Cara Black, James Lovegrove and more.

A brand-new collection of twelve Sherlock Holmes short stories which spans Holmes’s entire career, from the early days in Baker Street to retirement on the South Downs.

Penned by masters of the genre, these Sherlock stories feature a woman haunted by the ghost of a rival actress, Moriarty’s son looking for revenge, Oscar Wilde’s lost manuscript, a woman framing her husband for murder, Mycroft’s encounter with Moriarty and Colonel Moran, and many more!

Featuring stories by:

Peter Swanson
Cara BlackJames Lovegrove
Andrew Lane
Philip Purser-Hallard
David Stuart Davies
Eric Brown
Amy Thomas
Derrick Belanger
Cavan Scott
Stuart Douglas 
David Marcum

I’ll post more information about my story soon, but in the meantime you can find pre-order details here!



Writer: Cavan Scott | Artist: Nelson Daniel | Editor: Nikita Kannekanti


From writer Cavan Scott (Star Wars: The High Republic and Shadow Service) and artist Nelson Daniel (Detective Pikachu, TMNT, Clue), Pacific Rim: Blackout allows readers to revisit the world of Netflix’s Original Anime Series Pacific Rim: The Black in an all-new prequel adventure featuring fan favorite character Herc Hansen. Herc Hanson, the PPDC Ranger returns as a world-weary jaeger pilot dragged into battle as an influx of kaiju threatens to destroy the Australian continent and all its inhabitants. Along with his niece Olivia, his co-pilot Cooper, and Marshal Rask, Herc faces brand-new kaiju of epic proportions while battling his own inner demons.


Writer: Daniel José Older, Charles Soule, Justina Ireland, Claudia Gray, Cavan Scott | Artist: Harvey Tolibao, Pow Rodri, Toni Bruno, Sam Beck, Jason Loo, Nick Brokenshire, Stefano Simeone | Editor: Heather Andos



An even longer time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the adventures continue for Lula and her fellow Padawans in the Republic’s golden age!

The High Republic is an unexplored period in Star Wars history, set hundreds of years before the events of the Skywalker Saga—when the Jedi were at their height and Master Yoda was much younger, and still training Padawans in the field.

It is here where we find Jedi Padawans Farzala and Qort, who are taking a break from the ongoing battle against the dangerous marauders known as the Nihil. As part of a secret mission, they join an aging Jedi Knight on the starship The Vessel to negotiate a peace treaty with the Hutt crime family. Hey, what could go wrong? As it turns out: literally everything. 

Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures is part of a broader storytelling initiative exploring a mysterious, bygone era of the Galactic Republic through comics and prose.

Collects Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures issues #6–8, the 2021 Free Comic Book Day story, and the 2021 Annual!

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