Update 15th March – Introducing The Ward, my new creator-owned comic from Dark Horse, plus a second printing for The High Republic #15 and talking Pacific Rim

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It’s been a busy couple of weeks as I’ve been balancing working on a number of new creator-owned projects and also more adventures in a galaxy far, far away. A raft of announcements is on the way so make sure you keep subscribed to my newsletter to be the first to know when the time is right.

In fact, the first announcement is just below! Let’s go!


Here’s some news I’ve been waiting to drop for ages! I have a new creator-owned comic coming from Dark Horse on June 8th – The Ward!

It tells the story of Nat Reeves, a mother who finds herself pulled back into a job she thought she had left behind… as the doctor for a secret hospital for supernatural patients!

Just check out this amazing cover by our amazing artist Andres Ponce!

Here’s the press release from Dark Horse.

From Cavan Scott, the New York Times bestselling writer of Star Wars: The High Republic, and Call of Duty: Zombies and Dean Koontz´s Frankenstein artist Andres Ponce comes The Ward, an intense supernatural medical drama featuring an assortment of creatures and human pathos coming from Dark Horse this Summer.

St. Lilith’s is a secret hospital for supernatural creatures. The personnel are overworked and the facility is underfunded. It’s a place, and a life, Dr. Nat Reeves thought she left behind. Until a wounded woman with a tail appears on her doorstep. The Ward is a perfect read for fans of SupernaturaliZombie, and Grimm.

“I’ve always been fascinated in ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the most incredible of situations,” says Scott, “and that certainly describes the indomitable Nat Reeves as she plunges head first into a shift in the world’s only emergency room for supernatural entities. From murderous minotaur to gelatinous cubes with severe cases of food poisoning, no two patients are alike at St. Lilith’s.

“However, as we know from shows like E.R. and Grey’s Anatomy, the biggest dramas come from the lives of the medical staff themselves and St. Lilith’s is no different. As Nat navigates everything from the troubled birth of a giantess’s baby to a growing plague among the preternatural patients, she must also balance her life as a mother with the professional jealousies she faces every day in her job. Can she keep her work at St. Lilith’s a secret while protecting those closest to her?”

I’m so excited to finally be able to talk about The Ward and will be sharing lots of exclusives with you over the next few months.

In the meantime, I’d love it if you’d talk to your local comic book store to reserve your copy!


More amazing news! Star Wars: The High Republic #15 has sold out and has gone to a second printing. Ending Phase 1 as we begun! Thanks to everyone who has made this series such an undeniable success!


Talking about the end of our first run, I’ve been bowled over by all the lovely words said about our protagonist Keeve Trennis.

Jedi News said: “Keeve understands diplomacy, empathy, and the need for action when it is right, but also when some actions are wrong. She’s one of the finest role-models in Star Wars, and her journey has truly been an honour to follow during The High Republic.”

But Why Tho? said: “It takes a special Jedi to see the light after the numerous catastrophic events and existential crises that have take place since the Great Disaster. Star Wars: The High Republic #15 proves Keeve Trennis is that Jedi… I look forward to Keeve Trennis taking her place as the true Light of the Jedi.”

Meanwhile, Conor Cicchitti wrote a love letter to Keeve over on SWE.org. Check out Keeve Trennis: A Star Wars Journey.

And, talking about Keeve, this made me laugh so much. Twitter user @zenkenobi has been tallying up the young Jedi’s curse words in Phase One, even going so far as preparing a googlesheet! Kriffing good work!


Nelson Dániel and I both talked to Collier “CJ” Jennings at But Why Tho? about our new Pacific Rim OGN Blackout, out now from Legendary Comics.

You can read it here!

I also had the opportunity recently to talk to David Jesse at Tatooine Sons about Star Wars, stories and watching a galaxy far, far away with my family.

Here’s what they say about the episode which is available now wherever you pick up your podcasts or on the Tatooine Sons website.

One of the ideas that we’ve tried to continue to present on this show for more than four years now, is that Star Wars is best when it’s viewed through the eyes of a children. A few months ago, I was scrolling through Twitter when I saw someone tweeting about how they were experiencing the same thing while watching Star Wars Rebels. That someone was none other than Star Wars author, Cavan Scott. He’s with me on today’s show to discuss it and a lot more. THIS is Tatooine Sons. 


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Writers: Travis Beacham, Joshua Fialkov, Cavan Scott, Zhang Ran | Art: Sean Chen, Yvel Guichet, Pericles Junior, Chris Batista, Geoff Shaw,  Marcos Marz, Marcello Miaolo, Nelson Daniel, BigN | Editors: Robert Napton, Tom Akel, Nikita Kannekanti


For the first time ever, the Pacific Rim: Ultimate Omnibus brings together New York Times best-selling Pacific Rim: Tales from Year Zero (presented by Guillermo Del Toro and written by Pacific Rim screenwriter Travis Beacham) alongside the sequels Pacific Rim: Tales from the Drift (written by Joshua Fialkov), Pacific Rim: Aftermath, Pacific Rim: Amara (both from Cavan Scott), and Pacific Rim: Blackout in a deluxe omnibus collection.


Writer: Cavan Scott | Pencils: Jose Luis | Inks: Jonas Trindade | Colours: Rex Lokus | Letters: Carlos M. Mangual | Cover: Jamal Campbell | Variant Cover: Kael Ngu | Editor: Michael McCalister


The Titans face their final challenge as the true enemy is revealed.

An alien armada is heading toward Earth, and Superboy must decide once and for all where his true allegiance lies.

Will Starfire join forces with her evil sister, and what mysteries lurk far below the streets of Metropolis?



Anderson, PSI Division: Deep Burn

Writer: Cavan Scott | Art: Paul Davidson | Colours: Len O’Grady | Letters: Simon Bowland

The galaxy’s favourite thrill-powered science fiction comic is back with another line up of electrifying stories aimed at all ages! Reimagined versions of classic 2000 AD characters like Judge Dredd, star alongside brand new characters, specially created for a younger audience.

In this, the third smashing volume, follow the action packed adventures of Cadet Dredd as he battles giant robots! Save the world from aliens with Judge Anderson! Meet the mightiest cat burglar of Mega-City One! Marvel at the brain-busting and jaw dropping Future Shocks! Plus, in an exclusive new strip, classic 2000 AD characters the Harlem Heroes return! 

Critically acclaimed and beloved by old and new fans alike, 2000 AD Regened storms into its third brilliant collection. Can you handle the awesomeness of 2000 AD Regened?

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