Talking Jaxxon and Free Comic Book Day on Comics With Kenobi, plus Amaiz-ing fan art by Jamie Cosley

Episode 58 of Comics With Kenobi has landed today featuring an in-depth look at Poe Dameron #26 and an interview with me about Jaxxon and Amaiza’s return in Star Wars Adventures 2018 Annual, plus information about the upcoming Free Comic Book Day title.

Find out:

  • What piece of music I would choose as the theme for Jaxxon: A Star Wars Story
  • The reason why Amaiza came along for the ride.
  • The original brief for The Eggs of Livorno.
  • Whether I’ll be returning to Jaxxon in future.
  • The origins of the Free Comic Book Day issue.
  • Writing for Star Wars Adventures.
  • My favourite Star Wars character.
  • My favourite Star Wars line.

Also, listen to the slightly embarrassing moment when I go “urrrrrrrrrrrm” in a strangely high-pitched voice.

I really enjoyed the chat with Matt. You can listen to the episode at the Comics With Kenobi website and your usual podcast app.

And while we’re talking Jaxxon and Amaiza check out this awesome fan art by Jamie Cosley, cartoonist for Star Wars Insider.

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