Stay classy San Diego! Geeky tees and monster burritos!

Hello, from San Diego!

Yesterday was a long travelling day, flying across the Atlantic in the company of my travelling companion for the week, George Mann. It was a good flight though, made even better when I discovered that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was showing on the film channel! All together now: “Khaaaaaaaaaaaaan!”

We arrived safe, sound and only a little bleary-eyed last night, and immediately took our selfie next to a motorised wicker chair, as you do.


I was only slightly freaked out when the customs man at the airport looked at me sternly and, before even checking my papers, growled: “You’re going to Comic Con.”

“Er, yes,” I said, wondering how he knew. Then he laughed, pointed at my nice-and-geeky t-shirt and said: “You have to be wearing that!” and then proceeded to tell me how he loved Doctor Who. Phew!

After checking in at the hotel, it was off to the Gaslight District to find food – although we both had forgotten just how big American portions are. Check out Mr Mann’s burrito!



Needless to say, the burrito beat him!

Although now I can’t look at this picture with giggling thanks to Emma Vieceli:

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 08.12.28

But, now coffee and then off to explore San Diego. Oh, and maybe breakfast, ‘cos we didn’t eat enough last night!


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