Star Wars Adventures #31

Looking for something new to read today? Look no further! Star Wars Adventures #31 is out now!

This issue features part two of The Lost Stories which sees Emil Graf and the crew of the Star Herald facing a pair of homicidal librarian droids. The script is by Cavan, pencils and inks by David M. Buisan, colours by Charlie Kirchoff, and letters by Jake M. Wood.

The issue also includes, Squad Goals by Michael Moreci, Arianna Florean, Vaklentina Taddeo, and Jake M. Wood, which sees Rey taking to the controls of a X-Wing.

Star Wars Adventures #31 boasts three amazing covers. Keep scrolling to see them all, plus a peek at the first page of The Lost Stories Part 2!

Cover A – art by Arianna Florean
Cover B – art by David M. Buisan
Cover C – art by Derek Charm

Star Wars Adventures #31 is on sale now from our friends at IDW Publishing.

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