Star Wars Adventures #30

Star Wars Adventures #30 hits comics stores today, including the first instalment of The Lost Stories, a three-part adventure written by Cavan with art by David Buisán, who was the illustrator of the Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space series which first introduced the Graf family. Colours are by Charlie Kirchoff with letters by Jake M. Wood.

The Lost Stories sees Emil Graf and the crew of the Star Herald who, instead of introducing various Tales From Wild Space as usual, now throw themselves into a thrilling adventure of their own. Look out for a familiar face from both Adventures in Wild Space and Tales from Vader’s Castle.

The main story in the issue features Kylo Ren and General Hux and is written by Michael Moreci with art by Arianna Florean.

Here are both covers, Cover A by Arianna and Cover B by David, showing Noni, Emil and Boo.

Star Wars Adventures #30 is available at all good comic stores and digitally from the distributors listed here!

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