Shadow Service Volume Two: Mission Infernal is out today!

Spycraft meets witchcraft with monster galore

It’s time to return to the murky world of MI666!

Shadow Service Volume Two: Mission Infernal hits stores today, collecting issues the second arc of the monster-tastic, supernatural spy series created by yours truly and that mistress of the dark arts, Corin Howell.

A traitor on the run! Gina Meyer has turned on MI666, fleeing to Europe with enemy agent Gideon Quill. Now Gina is the target, hunted through the streets of Rome by former allies and infernal forces alike.

Can she clear her name before a weapon of mass damnation plunges Queen and Country into hell? Secrets are shattered and trust betrayed as witchcraft meets spy craft in this spellbinding second arc.

With chilling colours by Triona Farrell and incredible lettering by Andworld Design, Shadow Service is perfect for fans of James Bond, Mission: Impossible, Hellboy and John Constantine.

Volume two has it all… supernatural car chases, demonic double-crosses, flaming zombies and mayhem in Westminster Abbey including one of my favourite lines I’ve ever written: “CONTROL–I’M GONNA NEED BACKUP. I THINK WRAITH-TWO HAS JUST EATEN THE HOME SECRETARY.”

If that’s not enough to convince you check out what amazing comic folk have been saying about it in the video below:


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