Shadow Service #10

Searching London for the weapon of mass damnation

Shadow Service #10 hits tomorrow, bringing our second arc to an explosive conclusion!

Here’s the lowdown on this issue:

A weapon of mass damnation is hidden somewhere in London, and MI666 have no idea where to find it.

As Gina and her team race to a secret location, Hex performs an infernal interrogation. Lives will be lost as Shadow Service’s epic second arc reaches its cataclysmic conclusion.

As always, script is by me, art is by Corin Howell, colours are by Triona Farrell and letters are by Andworld Design.

Here’s an exclusive preview:

As for MI666 beyond issue 10, well… you”ll have to watch this space. In the meantime, check out this awesome motion comic trailer by Tom Saunders!

Grab your copy of Shadow Service #10 now!

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