Shadow Service #1 Store Exclusives

Three incredible store variants are now available to pre-order for Shadow Service #1 which launches next Wednesday, 19th August.

Check them out below!

Comic Kingdom of Canada – Mico Suayan

Comic Kingdom of Canada has this amazing virgin cover variant by Mico Suayan (Joker/Harley: Criminal Sanity, Bloodshot: Reborn). Limited to 400 copies, the variant costs $20. Pre-order it here.

Wicked Gator – Alan Quah

Wicked Gator is showcasing this fantastic virgin cover variant by Alan Quah (The Vampire Diaries, Godzilla: Awakening) which is limited to 250 copies and available for $19.99. Pre-order it here.

Outer Limits Boro – Esteban Salinas

Outer Limits Boro complete the set with this atmospheric virgin cover variant by Esteban Salinas (Dark Horse, Netflix, Image). Limited to 250 copies, the variant costs $20.00. Pre-order it here.

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