SDCC 2016

So, that was San Diego Comic Con 2016!

Wow! What a blast. I had such a good time, running from panel to panel and signing to signing, plus – most importantly – catching up with both new friends and old. There was laughter, there was fun, there were even show tunes…

One of the highlights of the con was the Torchwood / Doctor Who comics panel where I shared the stage with John and Carole Barrowman, plus my fellow Who creators, George Mann, Rob Williams, Paul Cornell and Simon Fraser.

The entire panel was expertly moderated by our wonderful editor Andrew James, and was a lot of fun. Needless to say that Mr Barrowman is both a force of nature and endlessly entertaining. I’ve never laughed so much on a panel – and was also taking notes! Some of the things John came out with were pure Captain Jack and might find their way into a future issue of the Ninth Doctor.

Here’s some pictures provided by ace comics journo Edie Nugent…

Titan's Andrew Sumner introduces us all...
Titan’s Andrew Sumner makes the introductions
John and Carole
John and Carole
Getting excited about the Torchwood comic
Getting excited about the Torchwood comic, as editor Andrew does his best to keep everything under control!
The Doctor Who comics crew - me, George Mann, Rob Williams, Paul Cornell and Simon Fraser
The Doctor Who comics crew – me, George Mann, Rob Williams, Paul Cornell and Simon Fraser
And here's the audience!
And here’s the audience!

The buzz in the room was incredible. So proud to be a part of this range.

I also appeared on the Scribe Award panel where I didn’t win the award for Best Audio (that went to John Dorney’s incredible Doctor Who: The Red Lady), but was presented with this handsome little plaque in honour of my nomination.


I can’t list everyone I spent time chatting with as I would no doubt miss someone out, but here are a few of my other highlights – well, the ones I have photos for anyway. I don’t have any snaps of the evening when some of the Titan Comics crew decided to belt out the aforementioned show tunes. This is probably for the best! If you want to know, my song of choice was ‘Any Dream Will Do’ from Joseph. Anyway, moving swiftly along…

A lot of selfies were taken on the trip, starting with the obligatory ‘we’re on a plane!’ shot of Scott and Mann…


On the first day, we went for a wander and a story brainstorm, and stumbled upon this amazing statue in the Bay. ‘Unconditional Surrender’ by Seward Johnson is based on Victor Jorgensen’s world-famous photo of a US sailor kissing a nurse on V-J Day in 1945 and is huge…


I mean, really, really huge!


Later that day, we bumped into Erik Burnham, writer of IDW’s Ghostbusters comics, who presented me with a Vikings tee-shirt (which I’m wearing as I type!)


At the show itself, I was incredibly excited to find the original Wonder Woman costume…


… auditioned as Captain America…


… and another famous Captain…


Apologies for the knees!

You can check out my Instagram account for more pics of the trip.

Now it’s back to work. Oh, and hitting the gym to work off all those US breakfasts! A big thanks to the Titan Crew – Andrew, Ricky, Lucy and Hannah – for organising the trip. Roll on next year!


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