Project: Wildthyme – new short story by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright

Iris 15, cover by the talented Mark Manley

Good old Iris Wildthyme is 15 this year – well, the Doctor Who version at least. Obverse Book is publishing a special anniversary collection and as producers of the Big Finish Iris Wildthyme audio dramas, Mark Wright and I were asked to contribute.

The blurb on the Obverse Books website is short and sweet:

A fifteenth anniversary collection of Iris Wildthyme stories, featuring all sorts of Irises in all sorts of adventures – and don’t forget Panda!

The idea was different stories, all featuring different incarnations of the lady herself. Our story features the usual Big Finish team of Iris and Panda as played by Katy Manning and David Benson. When thinking about what we wanted to do, we toyed about the idea of teaming the old soak up with our other usual Big Finish team, a certain black-ops organisation known as the Forge.

The result is ‘Project: Wildthyme’, perhaps one of the most leopard-skinned adventures for shady old Department C4.

The rest of the stories in Iris 15 are:

  • The Ninnies on Putney Common – Paul Magrs
  • Gimme Shelter – Eddie Robson
  • Time to Exist – Andy Smillie
  • Party Fears Two- Stuart Douglas
  • God Engine Rhapsody – Julio Angel Ortiz
  • Project: Wildthyme- Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
  • Our Tune – Ross Douglas
  • The Wildthyme Effect – Nick Campbell
  • Ouroboros – Neil Chester
  • In Passing – Nick Wallace
  • Iris at the V&A – George Mann
  • The Golden Hendecahedron – Cody Quijano-Schell
  • Samsara – James Manley-Buser
  • Iris and the Caliphate – Eric Brown
  • Mix Her Own Adventure – Patrick Magee
  • Scream in Blue – Dave Hoskin
  • Dog Days of Summer – Roy Gill

Out next month, you can pre-order it from the Obverse Books website.

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