Pacific Rim Amara

While web-comics are great, there’s just something about holding a printed work in your hands. And it’s in that spirit that we are thrilled to announce that Pacific Rim Amara, the web-comic Cavan co-wrote last year with Zhang Ran, is now available in trade paperback!

Read the official press release and get a sneak peek below:

Fans of Legendary Comics and WEBTOON’s popular digital comic Pacific Rim Amara can now revisit the action-packed prequel to the blockbuster film Pacific Rim: Uprising in a special print edition featuring expanded artwork on sale now in comic stores and online. Set between the two franchise films, Pacific Rim: Amara is an origin story that hurls readers straight into a dystopia, post-Kaiju Santa Monica as they follow a courageous young girl named Amara Namani as she attempts to rebuild her life in the wake of tragedy and loss. This supercharged series was created by co-writers Cavan Scott (Doctor Who) and Zhang Ran (Ether), hailing from the United Kingdom and China respectively, and illustrated by Chinese artist BigN (Night Owl Bookstore; Special Repair of the Village). 

As the Kaiju Wars rage on, Pacific Rim Amara follows the young heroine whose life shattered when she is orphaned during a devastating monster attack. Fighting to survive as her city is destroyed, she finds shelter with a grumpy mech-inventor named Kai and his closest companion, Hannah. The trio forms an unlikely family in the aftermath of the invasion, looking out for one another and scavenging old mech parts to build their very own Jaeger, a pilotable giant robot with the power to protect Amara from the monsters that took everything from her. On a wild adventure through the destroyed landscape of Los Angeles to find the parts she needs to complete her Jaeger Scrapper, Amara becomes caught up in a dangerous and explosive mech-racing league and finds herself in a race against time to be ready for the day the monsters return. This epic prequel to the blockbuster movie Pacific Rim Uprising exclusively reveals the origins of Pacific Rim heroes Amara and Scrapper, as well as reveals the courage that rises when the world falls.

“We were thrilled to create a truly international entry into the Pacific Rim saga with a graphic novel co-written by a British and Chinese writer with a Chinese artist,” said Robert Napton, Senior Vice President of Legendary Comics. “This print edition of the comic expands upon the artwork seen in the digital version, so we like to think of it as a director’s cut.”

Pacific Rim Amara is available right now from all good stores, including Amazon UK and Amazon USBarnes and NoblePowell’sBooks A Million and IndieBound.

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