Pacific Rim Aftermath #6

Pacific Rim Aftermath #6 is out right now, bringing our story about junkyard jaegers and home-made kaiju to an explosive conclusion.

I can’t say enough how great it’s been to work on this series, working with Robert Napton and Barnaby Legg at Legendary and, of course, our amazing artists, Richard Elson, Beni Lobel, Charlie Kirchoff and Christopher Sotomayor.

Thanks to all the fans who have contacted me along the way. Pacific Rim devotees certainly love their lore! Every issue would bring with it a barrage of questions about our latest mechs and monsters, most of which I was allowed to answer. I hope the last issue was everything you wanted it to be.

Here’s a sneak preview for those who haven’t picked up the finale just yet…

Pacific Rim Aftermath #6 is available from all good comics stores, and digitally from Comixology US and UK.

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