Out now – Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Volume 4: Sin Eaters

What’s that? You’re looking for the perfect Christmas present for the Whovian in your life?

(Yes, yes, I know. Blatant, isn’t it? Please don’t judge me…)

Then, look no further than Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Volume 4 – Sin Eaters.

Out today, the collection gathers issues 11-15 of our first year of adventures, including the stories Sin Eaters, Secret Agent Man and The Bidding War, with scripts by me, art by Adriano Melo and Cris Bolson, and colours by Marco Lesko.

Here’s some sample art from various points in the collection…

With 112 pages of time-twisting adventures featuring monsters old and new, Sin Eaters offers a glimpse into Captain Jack Harkness’s life before he stepped onboard the TARDIS, sees Rose Tyler go undercover and exposes the Doctor’s deepest, darkest secrets to the universe. There’s even a cameo from the War Doctor.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Volume 4 is available from all good bookshops including Amazon UK and US.



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