On holy terrors, time lords and the end of an era

The Lord is my Shepherd by Debbie Viguie
The Lord is my Shepherd by Debbie Viguie

In this digital age, isn’t it lovely to receive a pressie through the good, old fashioned post? I came home tonight to find a parcel from New York Times Bestselling author Debbie Vigué waiting for me. It contained The Lord is my Shepherd, the first in Debbie’s church-based murder mystery series. A big thank you goes out to Debbie. The Lord is my Shepherd has leapt right to the top of my ‘to read’ pile.

Of course, the ‘to read’ pile is growing all the time. It glowers at me from the corner of the bedroom, trying its hardest to guilt me into sampling its delights. And I will, I will. It’s just that life has been a bit manic over the last month or so – which is also why the Cavblog has been sorely neglected too.

So, what’s been happening over the last couple of weeks?

Well, I received my advance copy of Doctor Who Insider, the new North American title from the makers of Doctor Who Magazine and very good it was too. I contributed a number of features for the first issue, including an interview with Doctor Who Production Designer, Michael Pickwoad, a look at the upcoming Fifth Doctor mini-season from Big Finish Productions and the first in my regular series, Audio Insider, examining the latest Doctor Who from Big Finish and AudioGo. Doctor Who Insider hits North American shops on 7 April.

In other Doctor Who news, Mark Wright and I received an exciting new commission last week and we’ll be back in studio with the wonderful Katy Manning on Monday for our upcoming Doctor Who Companion Chronicle.

Elsewhere, I’ve  been reviewing books for Focus and Countryfile Magazine, researching an article on Lomography for Zurich Magazine and putting the finishing touches to the latest issue of Active, the National Trust’s magazine for volunteers.

There’s quite a lot of other stuff bubbling under the surface, but nothing I can talk about yet. More news on all that soon.

This week is also somewhat of the end of an era. Ten months ago, BBC Customer Publishing employed me to set up a new creative team. Tomorrow is my last day on that project, although I will be continue working with them on a number of exciting digital initiatives.

Phew! That was a bit of a mammoth update. I think I better have a sit down to recover. If you excuse me, I have a book to read…

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