Adam’s Farm, a ghostly review and a day of Big Finishes…

It’s been all go here in my little study. My poor keyboard has been pounded to an inch of its life as I race towards the deadline of my new book (which hopefully will be revealed very, very soon) and emails have been flying left, right and centre full of all kinds of exciting plans and projects.

Adam’s Farm: My Life on the Land

In the mean time, I thought I’d pop by to bring you up to date with a few things:

Adam’s Farm: My Life on the Land, which I wrote with Countryfile’s Adam Henson, is out now and is getting good reviews. I was particularly thrilled to read the review by Rosie Boycott, newspaper editor-turned-smallholder and a hero of mine in this month’s Countryfile Magazine. She really gets the tone Adam and I were trying to achieve and the central message of the book: “We need farmers…” Rosie says in the review, “who love and respect the land and the animals that live there. To keep [Adam’s] kind in business, we all have to support our farmers… we must eat the view if we want to keep it.”

From extreme to another, The Obverse Book of Ghosts, which I edited last year has also picked up a lovely write-up over at DoctorWhoReviews.

Obverse Book of Ghosts
The Obverse Book of Ghosts, edited by Cavan Scott

Reviewer Daniel Tessier says:

“Like any such anthology, some stories are more successful than others, but there is enough variety in style, approach and content here to keep a wide range of readers entertained. Fans of traditional ghost stories will find new spins on favourite concepts, while those new to the genre can ease themselves in gently through the thin veil of the mundane world. Readers looking for horror and those looking for humour can find tales that will appeal. The Obverse Book of Ghosts is a definite success…”

I’m really proud of this little ghost book and its good to see more people reading it. If you haven’t got your copy, then head over to Obverse Books now!

A few of the Book of Ghosts writers will be appearing at Big Finish Day, a one-day convention hosted by Tenth Planet Events. I’ll be there with my Iris Wildthyme producer hat on (and what a lovely hat that is) while also hopefully talking about my Doctor Who work for Big Finish Productions. Big Finish Day is taking place at Barking Abbey School in Essex and tickets are £25. Hope to see some of you there…

Right, enough self promotion. It’s back to the Cretaceous for me…

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